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About Pellucida™

Pellucida™ is a compound of resins developed by the Artist that is both durable and versatile. In the translucent white form it resembles bisque porcelain. When polished the cream form looks like ivory, the black like marble, and the green variegated form like jade. It is also often airbrushed for more realistic representations.


The white form may be cleaned with a damp cloth. A little cleanser such as Comet may be used on stubborn stains. The polished forms should only be buffed with a soft cloth. The airbrushed pieces may be wiped with a damp cloth.Being an organic resin Pellucida™, particularly the white form, should not be subject to direct sunlight* or strong fluorescent light as this may over a period of time cause discoloration.

The Giant Pelican and Dolphin pieces have a painted finish and may be used outdoors.

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